7 Pin S-Video to RCA Cable For Notebook Laptop

7 Pin S-Video to RCA Cable For Notebook Laptop
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Product Description

7 Pin S-Video to RCA Cable For Notebook Laptop
7 Pin S-Video to 3 RCA (Red/Yellow/White) adapter cable for Laptops and Notebooks. It connects from 7 pin S-Video port of your Notebook to RCA port of your TV, enables you to watch the videos you played in notebook on your bigger TV screen. It works for most Notebooks which have a 7 pin S-Video port as my picture shows. Some settings for the Video card might need to be adjusted for the TV output to work (like change resolution, enabled video card TV output function, adjust monitor dual mode, modify pc TV system to PAL, NTSC...). It varies from system to system. Please refer to manufacturer's manual on how to operate that.

While Video output will work for most of 7-pin S-Video notebooks, Audio output to TV may or may not work, it depends on if your system's 7 Pin S-Video port carries Audio output or not. If your system S-Video port doesn't carry audio, you can still listen to it through your computer speaker.

Features and Specifications:

  • Enables video output from your 7 pin s-video port to TV RCA port, so you can play video in computer and watch it on bigger TV screen.
  • Cable Length: 5 feet (1.5m)
  • To make sure the Video output is working, always check to make sure the latest video card from the manufacturer has been installed.
  • Audio output is not guaranteed to working for your system. It depends on if your system carries audio out on its 7 pin s-video port or not. Due to the 7 pin S-Video is not industry standard, manufacturers have they own standard with their product, some systems' 7 Pin S-Video port carries Audio out, some systems' does not carry Audio output through their 7 Pin S-Video port. Even if your system S-Video carries audio out, some configuration might need to be set up, Please refer to your manufacturer's reference menu for that. But you can always let the audio come out through the computer speaker or connect to set of external speaker to the 3.5mm audio out (earphone) jack to listen to the sound.

    Cable only, Laptop is not includeded.