Pre-Customized Adhesive for HTC One X Touch Screen

Pre-Customized Adhesive for HTC One X Touch Screen
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Product Description

This double-sided adhesive is pre-cut and is the exact fit for the HTC One X touch screen digitizer installation.

No cutting or measuring is required. Using glue would be very messy and you would have to wait extra time until the glue dries. Who has time for that? Using adhesive roll tape will take extra time too since you have to take measurements and fit the tape exactly to the measurements of the touch screen. With our customized adhesive, there is no mess and will save time during installation. You will definitely be happy choosing to use this product.

Includes two pieces of adhesive for HTC One X smartphone.

Compatible with: HTC One X.

Condition: Brand New.

Note: This is the pre-cut adhesive that hold together the digitizer and lcd screen. We also have different set of customized adhesive available that can be used to hold together the digitizer screen and housing frame.