Black Replacement Earbuds for Sony Creative Sennheiser Earphones

Black Replacement Earbuds for Sony Creative Sennheiser Earphones
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Product Description

  •  3 Pairs Black color Replacement Earbuds (eartips) made of Soft silicon for Sony EX51, MDR-EX71, EX81 earbuds, Creative EP-630, Sennheiser CX300, CX400, JBL Reference 220 and other compatible model earphones.
  •  Sizes available to choose: Small, Large. You can choose the replacement earbuds size either three pairs of same size or one size of each pair whichever that best fits your needs.
  •  Other colors (like grey, blue, pink, clear, white...) are also available in our store.
  •  Those replacement earbuds made of soft silicon, high quality, durable and washable.

    Compatible earphones models:

  •  Sony: MDR-EX51,EX55, EX71, EX75, EX81, EX85, EX90, NX1, CX1, EX32, EX52, NC11, NC22, NC32, MDR-EX700, EX700LP, EX300, EX500LP, EX33LP, EX34SC, EX35B, XB40EX, EX 36V, EX56LP, EX76, XB20EX.
  •  Philips: SWS800 6000 400 200, Philips SHE9500 9800 9501 9600 9700, Philips SHS 8001 8000, Philips SHN 7500 2500 Philips 9708 9700 9201 8008 8000, Philips SWS4400 SWS4200. It does not fit Phillips SHE5910, SHE5920
  •  Sennheiser: CX300, CX400, CX 500, CX300P, CX500G4ME, CX55, CX380, CX200, CX350, CX380, CX550, CX281, CX95, FLX70, MM50, MM50ip, MM200, etc
  •  Creative: EP-3NC, HS-930i, EP650, EP-630, EP-635, EP-830, AKG K324P
  •  JLab: JBuds J3, J3m, J2, JBuds.
  •  V-MODA: Vibe II, Vibe, Vibe duo, Faze, Spin Series, Bass freq, Remix Series.
  •  Ultimate: TripleFi 10, TripleFi 10vi, SuperFi5, Fi5vi, Fi5eb, Fi5pro, SuperFi4, SuperFi3 Studio, MetroFi220, 220vi, MetroFi170, 170vi.
  •  JBL: JBL/Roxy Reference 250, JBL Reference 220.
  •  Sharp: HP-MD33 Audio-Technica ATH-CK5, ATH-CK7, etc
  •  Panasonic: RP-HJE-50, RP-HJE-70, etc
  •  Skullcandy: Smokin Buds, Full Metal Jacket, iPhone FMJ, TiTan, INKD, Holua, Asym, 50/50.
  •  Sony Ericsson: in-ear handsfree HPM-70, HPM-75, HPM-82, HPM-90, HBH-DS220, HBH-DS970, HBH-DS980
  •  Denon: AH-C751, AH-C700, AH-C551K, AH-C351K, AH-C351W, AH-350K, AH-C350W, AH-NC600, AH-C710, AH-C452, AH-C360, AH-C252.
  •  Griffin: EarJams, TuneBuds
  •  Other in-ear earphones of similar design (e.g. ezGears SX50, Aurvana In-Ear, etc)

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