iPhone 4 Case Opening Tool Kit

iPhone 4 Case Opening Tool Kit
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Product Description

Pentalobe Screwdriver Apple iPhone 4 Case Opening Tool Kit, it's very handy tool when needing to open your iPhone 4 for some repairing work. Pentalobe screwdriver is included for opening new version of Apple iPhone which comes with the new TS1 size pentalobe screws. The othe screw driver includes in this set is philips, it can be used to remove the tiny screws that come with older version of iPhone 4 as well as tiny screws inside the iphone.

Special designed for: Apple iPhone 4.


  •  Plastic Prying tool x 2
  •  Screw driver x 2 (with Magnetic tip)
  •  Triangle flexbile picker x 1
  •  iPhone sim card eject pin x 1
  •  Suction cup pulling tool (helpful for taking out the iPhone 4 screen) x 1

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