LG G3 NFC QI Wireless Charging Sticker for Battery Door

LG G3 NFC QI Wireless Charging Sticker for Battery Door
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Product Description

This LG G3 compatible battery door sticker supports NFC and QI Wireless charging function. If your current G3 (has to be compatible models listed below) battery door sticker doesn't have NFC or QI wireless charging function, then just get one from us, remove your old one, replace it with ours. The installation is simple, our sticker comes with adhesive, after remove the old one, then use the adhesive (double sided tape) to paste our stick to the door, then put on the black cover paper, that's it. Just be sure when you put on the sticker, the four golden contactors on sticker have to align properly with the matching connectors on your phone, otherwise, it won't functional.


  •  Compatible with:
    -- Verizon LG G3 VS985
    -- T-Mobile LG G3 D851
    -- Sprint LG G3 LS990
    -- If you have AT&T LG G3 (model# D850) or Canada Rogers/Bell version of G3 (model# D852), then this antenna is not compatible with your phone, you'll need to purchase our other sticker: LG G3 Wireless Charging Sticker

    Here is the video instruciton on how to install the QI Wireless charging antenna sticker and align it properly:

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